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Financial Journey

The focus of our business is the financial journey we take with our clients. Our clients want to make their own lifestyle choices and be confident of a secure financial future. They also feel a responsibility towards their money and want to manage it as efficiently as possible.

Strong Family Focus

With a strong family focus SHCo Financial is a locally owned advice business. We are conservative in strategy and investments yet innovative in technology, service delivery and business efficiency.

Financial Security

We work with clients who are serious about improving their lifestyle and financial security. The relationship and trust between our team and our clients is paramount. We provide advice that is not always easy, in fact, at times it can be confronting as it deals with life and family issues. It is, however, always designed to achieve our clients’ best interests.


Understanding that households are complex and with so many superannuation, investment, insurance and retirement opportunities available, it takes solid experience and expertise, together with the most up-to-date information and analysis, to know which are best tailored to individual needs. Research and discipline will always be the foundation of our advice.